Media Cabinet Blasting

What is Media Cabinet Blasting?

A media blaster propels abrasive media from an air powered media blast gun. Media blasting is a very efficient way of removing debris from the surface of parts or preparing a surface for painting or other finishes. … A search on the Internet for “media blaster” or “sandblast cabinet” gives you a lot of information.

Media Cabinet Blasting vs Chemical Stripping

When it comes to prepping and cleaning your project’s surface, there are two widely-used techniques to consider: abrasive media blasting and chemical cleaning. While both options have been used on projects large and small among various industries, the benefits of blasting are known to outweigh those of chemically-induced removal in the majority of instances. Let’s take a closer look.

The Benefits of Abrasive Blasting

  • It’s less likely to damage the underlying surface: Chemical stripping can permanently damage the integrity of a project’s surface when applied incorrectly. Chemical damage can also be hard to detect immediately. Sometimes, corrosion appears long after the initial cleaning, resulting in unexpected costs in order to remediate. While there is a chance that your abrasive blasting can create unwanted changes on a surface if pressure is applied for too long, damage to the integrity of the material itself is less likely.
  • It’s safer for operators: With the correct abrasive media blasting, there’s little to no risk of inhaling toxic chemicals that could cause long-term health effects, nor is there risk of exposure to toxic chemicals that could burn and damage skin. Naturally, you want your team to have as minimal a risk for injury as possible. Abrasive media blasting is also safer for end users or those that will interact with the project in its final location; chemical residue, on the other hand, can remain on a surface long after its initial application.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly: Abrasive blasting uses machinery that can be used for years and years, and the media required for this type of surface cleaning is often naturally-occurring, like walnut shell grit, and corn cob grit. Chemical cleaning, on the other hand, requires non-reusable matter that can be dangerous to human health and the environment.
  • It’s more efficient: Chemical cleaning often requires a second manual step where the residue is brushed or scrubbed off the surface. This step isn’t necessary with abrasive blasting, which doesn’t leave as much residue if any at all.
  • It can be done in a controlled environment: Abrasive media blasting is typically conducted within enclosed machines known as cabinets. A project can be inserted inside the cabinet and blasting takes place inside. Chemical cleaning, on the other hand, may require the direct application of chemicals in an open environment.

Media Cabinet Blasting Benefits

Media Blasting Cabinets are often used as a part of the finishing process, removing materials from the object to prep its surface for coating. But what are the benefits of sandblasting certain objects or products before putting on the finishing everything off with powder coating? Here are some of the benefits of using Media Cabinet Blasting services for your project:

  1. Sandblasting cleans the surface. One of the reasons why sandblasting is an important part of the finishing process isn’t just because it smooths the surface of the object. It cleans the surface, too. Sandblasting services are a great way to remove rust, oil, and harmful contaminants from almost any kind of surface.
  2. Sandblasting is surprisingly fast. Sandblasting cleans and smooths objects for finishing quickly and efficiently. This makes cleaning tough surfaces like metal easier, which saves on time and money.
  3. Sandblasting services remove old paint. When an object has old paint covering it, sandblasting can quickly remove the paint at a high speed. This prepares the object for a new coating of paint with a fresh and smooth result.

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